LaVonna Harris

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LaVonna Harris

legal name: LaVonna Marie Young
Born M.L. Clark on May 24, 1976 to author of books J Rene Harris (daughter of Thurston Harris "Little Bitty Pretty One") and former Motown Records contract administrator/ music veteran Ernie Clark of Black American, Indian, (Cree/ Blackfoot Mexican Indian) Native American, and Caucasian heritage.

LaVonna Harris is an American pianist/ singer songwriter whom records and releases globally popular digital albums independently.
Her first charted hit "Beautiful" sold and streamed 4,000 copies in it's first 4 days of release (Billboard pop charts #7 in 2005).
Her first globally released digital album "INVERSIONS" for LaVonna Harris Records charted "Raine On My Paine" (Reverbnation/ Billboard pop charts #10 October, 2009) and "Aquarius" (Reverbnation/ Billboard pop charts #20 December 2009).
She found further success with "Just To Be With You" written with her friend Rebecca Yarbrough which set LaVonna as one of the top 100 recording artists in Los Angeles, California for her fifth year in a row (2009 - 2014).

She is known for her soulful vocals, candid lyrics, and unique style. Her audience and fanbase includes people of all races, ages, genders, sexualities, cultures, and religions.

career highlights;
LaVonna Harris also enjoys filming, directing, and editing her very own music videos.
LaVonna is great friends with adult film star Billy Da Kidd and began his fan club as the administrator of his facebook and tumblr fanpages, where she has been known to surprise him with friendly songs and music video posts on his birthdays and holidays.
This fact has given the singer (whom also writes/ performs Gospel and Spiritual music) a bit of controversy. Her reaction- "God loves Billy Da Kidd and so do I. He is my friend".


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